Heavy rainfall from Thursday combined with melting snow and ice is keeping some areas of the city underwater.

“Runoff from the rain event on Thursday is working its way through the system leaving several waterfront communities still without access to their properties,” Patrick Larson with Rideau Valley Conservation Authority said in a statement on Saturday.

Larson expects water levels to reach their peak this afternoon.

So far this month Ottawa has received more than 60 mm of rain, according to Environment Canada.

This has caused the Rideau River to overflow in Old Ottawa South, where Belmont Avenue and Rideau River Drive are completely flooded, along with Windsor Park. It is a similar scene in Ottawa East at Brantwood Park.

Richmond Village was one area hit the hardest. Many residents have reported flooded yards, roads, and basements.

“Water levels on the Jock River rose through Friday causing some properties in and around Richmond to have access issues and their sump pumps running,” Larson said.

Warren Johns lives across from the Rideau River Trail, which was completely underwater Saturday morning.

“I can only remember once in the last 20 years when it was this bad,” Johns said.

With 10 mm of rain in the forecast and warm temperatures, Larson estimates a slow rate of recession for the water.

More information on the City of Ottawa’s spring maintenance flood control in available here.