A meeting has been scheduled in the Horton Township area to update the public on cleanup and recovery for the flood, as well as to inform residents how to apply for emergency relief funding.

It will take place at 1005 Castleford Road-Renfrew, ON, Monday, May 15th at 6p.m.

In the meantime, paramedics and the emergency support unit in Horton have been conducting wellness check on residents.

“There will be a lot of repair and assistance to the residents to get their funding in place… once the water recedes we will be ready to go,” said Steve Osipenko, community emergency management.

On Wednesday, there were signs that water levels in the area are receding.

But those living here for decades said the worst is yet to come, as northern waters spread this way.

“It will be the melt from up North coming down so what has to happen here is this water has to leave us to make room for the Northern water… until that takes place we’re going to stay the way we are and hopefully we’ll be OK,” said Kevin Pilon, a homeowner in the area.

Experts have said the spring thaw has is already in motion, which has added to the flooding.

Still, residents here will not be taking any chances. They plan to leave sandbags and pumps going until all water have receded.