A house just outside Arnprior was destroyed by a massive fire Saturday night.

Crews were called to the home on Russett Drive in McNab-Braeside Township just before 5 pm.

When they arrived, crews say the house was completely engulfed.  They say it was not safe to go inside the home because there was a risk it could collapse.

“We had really advanced fire conditions so we had to make the decision to do defensive attack,” says Capt. Karen Barsoski.

One man was taken to hospital. His condition and extent of his injuries are unknown at this time.

It is unclear what caused the fire. It is also unclear whether the home had a working fire alarm. The Ontario Fire Marshal is assisting with the investigation.

Stephen Proulx watched the fire unfold from his backyard. “I've never seen a house like that in fire... never in my life. The whole house- like a big massive campfire.

Another resident says he could see the flames from the highway. ”When we got to Pakenham were saw quite a bit of smoke.”  

The investigation continues.