It's tough to find love offline in this internet age; so CTV Ottawa asked the experts to name the best places in the city for singles to find love. And while human sexuality researcher Jocelyn Wentland says "it's all about attitude," she lists off a few good places one might meet their match.

Wentland first and foremost says a person's approach will trump any location. She says it you're open to meeting people, smile, make eye contact, show open body language and fearless when it comes to striking up a conversation, you're already on the right track to meeting anyone…anywhere.

But if you're still struggling to find other singles, here are a few places on Wentland's list:

  • Ottawa Wine and Food Show
  • Bluesfest
  • Any bar with high top tables to allow for the approach to be at an even eye level
  • Speed dating events
  • Ottawa sport and social clubs (essentially any group activity you can join as an individual)