The Wakefield steam train will remain parked until at least July of next year, after it was taken off the tracks following a landslide earlier this season.

The mayors of the three municipalities that run the line say there are several repairs needed near the site of the landslide and they need provincial and federal support to help pay the bill.

"The municipalities cannot take upon themselves the fixing up of the railway and what it entails alone, without two other levels of government," Chelsea Mayor Jean Perras told reporters on Tuesday.

Emergency repairs to the tracks are pegged at about $3.3 million and longer-term repairs are expected to cost $6.3 million.

La Peche Mayor Robert Bussieres says without assistance, the cost of the necessary changes would make it financially impossible to get the train back on the tracks.

The train is a big money-maker for the region, bringing in about $8 million for the local economy.