A pilot project is underway at Petrie Island to keep Canadian geese—our sometimes pesky and messy national bird—at bay.

Overpopulation has led to overcrowding of Canadian geese in the city which has meant more excrement from the birds in public places. In response the city has enacted a fine of $265 for people found feeding the geese.

At Petrie Island, an all-natural fertilizer, made of fish compost and saw dust, is being used to prevent the geese from living there. So far, the project on the island—which used to be a haven for Canadian geese—has been a success.

"If it stay's like this all summer, I'm sue that I'll be pushing the city to be doing it across the city," said Coun. Bob Monette.

The fertilizer costs over $2,500 for ten tonnes.

Other measures being used across the city to keep the birds out of from public places include a dog that chases the geese away at Britannia Beach.

The city's methods of controlling the population of the geese are tame compared to other areas. In upstate New York, the geese have been shot and gassed.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Karen Soloman