It’s a love story as much about romance as it is survival. Constable Robin Easy was shot in the head during a 45-second fire fight with a gunman while on the job. The shooting left him with serious brain damage changing his life forever.

But his wife Glennis stayed with him, pulling him through and giving him strength.

“The first few years, it was survival instinct,” said Glennis. “I think of it as a lioness protecting her cubs and getting Robin the care he needed.

“I think the more we walked through this journey we would say to each other, we can’t let the evil stand and this was an evil act.”

Glennis has built a new life for her family. After the shooting, she went back to school, learned about rehab, counseling and became an advocate for brain injury patients.

Robin nominated his wife as an amazing person for staying with him and keeping him alive.

“I was unbelievably flattered and a little bit teary,” said Glennis after learning about her nomination.