Neighbours in North Gower and Kars, in rural south Ottawa, rallied together Saturday to harvest the crops of  farmer Mark Lindsay, who died in a farming accident earlier this month.

It's the kind of work that would usually take days, but thanks to more than 30 farmers coming together, Lindsay's corn crops were harvested in a few hours.

"We just wanted it to be done, for the family, to have one less thing burdening them," said Mark Lindsay's friend Jeremy Nixon.

39-year-old Mark Lindsay died on Nov. 14.  He was driving a tractor near a pond on his property when the land gave way.

He was pinned by his tractor underwater, and drowned.

Mark's widow, Anne, says she is overwhelmed by the support.

"It's been just outstanding to see the support from our local community ," she said.  "Farmers are amazing, helping to get this crop off,  because it needs to be done."

Family and friends say Mark loved to farm, and was always there for his community.

They say his legacy will live on through his state of the art robotics dairy barn -- something he was very proud of operating.

"I’m here for the long haul to help Mark’s family out," said friend Jake Meeks. "(We'll) keep his dream alive as long as we can, I think that’s all he would have wanted...definitely going to miss him a lot," he added.

" I know he’s up there watching," Anne said. "We’re not going to forget what Mark did for this farm.  We’re going to keep going because we have to, and that’s what farming is. You keep going."

With files from CTV's Claudia Cautillo.