A regular game of road hockey Monday turned into therapy for three children who lost their dad in a head-on crash near Arnprior last week.

LeeEllen Carroll held onto her youngest boy, Muiredach, while his brother and sister, Gabriel and Regan, shot around the puck.

Last week, a car crash changed their lives forever.

Bryan Casey, Carroll's husband and the father of her children, was killed in a head-on crash on Highway 17 near Arnprior on Thursday night. He was driving home from work. Police believe the other driver may have been intoxicated.

"My focus right now is on my children and getting through this and coming to grips with what lies ahead," Carroll told CTV Ottawa on Monday.

"There's no room in my heart for anger; I'm not going to allow anybody to take me there."

A prominent dentist from Pembroke is charged with impaired driving causing death.

Christy Natsis, 46, is so well-known in the community that a Crown attorney from Ottawa will be handling her case to avoid any conflict of interest.

Natsis, who doesn't have any prior drunk driving convictions, will be back in court in Renfrew on May 11.

Meanwhile, a funeral for Casey is being planned for Saturday.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Joanne Schnurr