After putting down $25,000, one Ottawa family is anxious to move into their new home, which was supposed to be built by March 2009.

The Chadwicks just found out, however, that construction on their dream home has been put on hold indefinitely.

"Because of a new environmental assessment required by the city, they don't know what's going to happen," Keith Chadwick told CTV Ottawa. "We're going to be delayed at least eight to 12 months."

The home was set to be built in west Kanata as part of phase five of Mattamy Homes' Fairwinds Community, located 1.5 kilometres away from the Carp River.

The concern is that the plot is located too close to an area described as a flood plain.

"Although we are independent, technically, of any of the issues associated with the resolution of this environmental assessment, we do exist within the planning area, and as such we've unfortunately been tied up in that," Mattamy Homes senior vice-president Frank Cairo said.

The City of Ottawa has hired an independent engineer to see whether the land should be developed at all. The review will not be finished until early 2009.

"Unfortunately at the time of sale, we had all of the required approvals to sell, and these issues were not at that time understood," Cairo said. "We feel very sorry for the homeowners stuck in this position."

The Chadwicks are not alone, as sixty other families are stuck in the same limbo.

"We bought our home because we plan to have our kids start in a new school, and a new home next year, and now that's not going to happen," Chadwick said. The lease in their current residence is up in June. If they have to find a new place in the interim, they will double their moving expenses.

The Chadwicks want to connect with other families who are in a similar situation. They are planning a meeting for Sept. 27. To get in touch with them, email

With a report from CTV's Vanessa Lee