Ottawa residents say it’s not fair to try and compare the 122-year-old SuperEx to its replacement, the two-year-old Midway Magic event.

When the SuperEx had to be suspended because of work at Lansdowne Park, Midway Magic looked to fill some of the void.

Even though it has similar rides, food and games, longtime fairgoers said the current event at the Rideau Carleton Entertainment Centre isn’t the same.

“When it was gone it was a real loss,” said Linda Delorme.

“From the time I was a little girl I was brought there, then I brought my kids and then I was bringing my grandson. It was just something the family always did."

“I remember going to see Liberace, Johnny Cash and Alan Jackson,” said John Delorme.

Their eight-year-old grandson Jaden Cameron said there’s more than enough things to occupy his time.

“Mostly going on the Scramble . . . going on a few rollercoasters,” he said.

Others said there were still some things they would like to see.

“The only thing that it's missing is the actual exhibition part of it,” said one Midway Magic attendee. “The flea market, the show, a lot of the entertainment."

For at least one person at Midway Magic, the switch from fair to fair turned out perfectly.

“I'm happy, it's time to move . . . take a few years off and get it set up properly for the next generation,” they said.

Midway Magic runs through this Sunday then again from Aug. 23 to 26.

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s Stefanie Masotti