KINGSTON -- Kingston police say a motorcycle driver was charged accordingly and received an 'F' for spelling after officers found a homemade licence plate attached to the bike.

Sgt. Steve Koopman tweeted a picture of the fake licence plate this week.

The licence plate '2P1F8' included the slogan at the bottom, "Live Fre or Die…'

"We apparently have some burgeoning artists in #YKG. Patron officers again snagged this beauty off a motorcycle," said Koopman on Twitter.

"Charged accordingly and given an 'A' for effort but an 'F' for spelling."

Sgt. Koopman's tweet of the fake licence plate caught the attention of Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show.

"At first, he tried to bribe the police by handing him a post-it note that said $20 on it," said Fallon. "Then it got even worse, when he handed the officer his driver's licence."

The Tonight Show showed a handwritten driver's licence.

It's the second time this month Kingston police found an unusual licence plate on a vehicle.

On March 8, Sgt. Koopman shared a photo of a licence plate stopped for multiple issues, including improper plates.