The unusually drier and hotter summer temperatures are taking a toll on many across the capital region.

Employees are Pontiac Ice Supplies in the Ottawa Valley are keeping busy.

“We've been doing about 92 tonnes of ice a week…It’s probably 4,500 to 5,500 bags a day that we're producing,” said Trevor Fraser of Pontiac Ice Supplies.

This heat wave is causing huge concerns for many.

“The water level is so low that we hit the bottom,” said Deirdre Hendrick, a local boater. “We had to park the boat here along the wall so water levels are a big concern.”

On Friday, a level two 2 drought was issued for the Rideau River Watershed. Officials are asking residents along the watershed to conserve water by 20 per cent.

Keeping the city’s homeless safe from the heat is also an issue.

“Just like in the winter when it’s really cold we open up certain spaces. We don't have a lot of space but what we do have we open up to give people a chance to come in and get out of the heat,” said Shirley Roy, the Ottawa Mission.

At Bluesfest, water stations are on site to help the crowds beat the heat.

“They're efficient. You can get people in and out, can get water to them quicker,” said Mike Rouleau, Bluesfest’s Director of Operations.

Officials are advising the public to stay in an air conditioned location or in shade, drink plenty of water and limit physical outdoor activities.

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s Claudia Cautillo.