Claude Haridge is one of at least three men in custody facing possible charges in connection with the Royal Bank of Canada firebombing in Ottawa’s Glebe on May 18.

A group of self-proclaimed anarchists called FFFC Ottawa posted a video of the firebombing online, saying they targeted the bank for its sponsorship of the Vancouver Winter Olympics in February.

The group said it would "be there" at the upcoming G8 and G20 meetings held this month in Huntsville, Ont. and Toronto. Ottawa police said that wouldn't happen.

Court appearance pending

Denis Rancourt says he's been asked to vouch for Haridge during a court appearance Saturday.

Rancourt – a former University of Ottawa professor  - knows two of the men in custody since they attended his political activism course.

The professor said he knows Haridge well.

“He was very likeable, warm, sincere, (and) contributed. (Criminal charges) doesn't jive with that picture at all."

Haridge is an engineer, and worked at Terrapoint Canada.

Investigator's at Haridge's home

Investigators spent the day at Haridge's home in Ottawa's west end. Neighbours say he kept to himself and expressed concern about possible charges

“I'd be a little alarmed, especially since he lived next door,” one neighbour said.

Added another, “It’s a little terrifying and makes me wonder.”

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s Kate Eggins