Family and friends bid a tearful farewell Monday to a 19-year-old Gatineau man who was killed in a car crash by a suspected drunk driver last weekend.

Hundreds attended Anthony McColl's funeral to say their final goodbyes. An overflow of people stood outside.

"If you look around, we're all children. We're not old enough to have lost a friend," Tougall Passmore told CTV Ottawa.

McColl's family is deep in grief. Although his dad is trying to stay strong, he says he breaks down every morning when he's alone.

"It's been getting easier day by day. But, of course, today was one of the hardest days and (my parents are) being very strong, so I'm very proud of them," said Alanna McColl, Anthony's sister.

McColl was killed April 16 while he drove a group of friends home from a party in Luskville, Que. His vehicle was hit head-on by an oncoming car.

McColl's four passengers were seriously injured in the crash. The other driver was also killed.

McColl, who grew up in Aylmer, was remembered Monday as a kind, responsible, young man who took joy in making people laugh.

"Really nice guy, you know, hold the door open for you kind of guy. Really, just nice in a lot of ways. Funny too, very funny," said friend Kayoki Whiteduck.

"He was like our big dad," added Adam Brazeau.

McColl's friends have used his death to draw attention to the dangers of impaired driving. Many have signed a pledge to never allow a friend to get in a car with a drunk driver.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Stefan Keyes