OTTAWA -- The Ottawa Humane Society is caring for an emaciated dog found with a chain collar embedded in its neck.

On Jan. 10, Ottawa Bylaw Services officers delivered the dog in critical condition to the Humane Society.

The Newfoundland mix, who the OHS has named Jake, was found wandering the rural roads of Dunrobin dragging a chain attached to a chain collar.

"The collar had cut into him and the skin had grown overtop, leaving two ends of chain dangling from each side of his neck," said Dr. Shelley Hutchings, Chief Veterinarian at the Ottawa Humane Society. "The area was heavily infected, and the hair coat around his neck was matted with discharge.”

Ottawa Humane Society

Shortly after arriving at the shelter, Jake began vomiting and Dr. Hutchings performed an emergency surgery to remove the collar.

In a statement on Thursday, the Humane Society said that given Jake's emaciation, the state of the wound, corn found in his stomach and a "serious" hook worm infestation, it is possible that he had been on the run for quite some time.

"At this time, Jake's outlook appears to be positive. OHS clinic staff closely monitor his progress and recovery as he stays in the OHS Critical Care Unit," said the Ottawa Humane Society.

The Humane Society has reported the case to the province for investigation.

You can make a donation to the Ottawa Humane Society to help cover the cost of Jake's surgery and care.