OTTAWA -- Eleven Ottawa police officers are currently suspended with pay, including three officers facing allegations of workplace sexual harassment.

The Ottawa Police Service provided an update on the number of officers suspended with pay in response to an inquiry from the Ottawa Police Services Board.

Nine of the eleven officers suspended with pay are constables.

The report says three suspensions are related to allegations of workplace sexual harassment, including the suspension of Deputy Chief Uday Jaswal.   The Ottawa Police Service suspended Jaswal in March pending the outcome of the proceedings by the Ontario Civilian Police Commission into a human rights complaint. 

Jaswal is accused of sexual harassment of a civilian member of the Ottawa Police Service. The commission issued a notice of hearing alleging three counts of misconduct against Jaswal under the Police Services Act.

Seven suspensions, including the suspension of a staff sergeant, "are related to serious criminal charges including breach of trust and/or violence offences," said the report.

"Among other criteria, it was determined that it is not in the public interest for these officers to maintain their status and powers as police officers during the investigations and tribunals associated to their suspensions."

The remaining suspension is linked to an investigation that is currently in a Police Services Act hearing.

"The allegations are related to a patrol constable mistreating and mocking persons in his custody suffering from mental illness," staff said.

Ottawa police say an average of six officers per year have been suspended with pay over the last five years. The Ontario Provincial Police average 11.2 new suspensions, while Durham Regional Police averages five.

"Suspensions with pay occurs prior to the final outcome of the Police Services Act hearings, resulting from the associated investigation while the officer benefits from the presumption of innocence," said staff in response to the inquiry from the Ottawa Police Services Board.

"At the conclusion of the hearing, if the officer is not dismissed by the hearing officer, they are returned to duty in some fashion."