Elevators at a Riverside Drive apartment building were still out-of-service 24 hours after a ruptured water pipe caused flooding at the 12-storey building.

Hundreds of Ottawa residents were temporarily evacuated from their apartment complex Wednesday night when the broken water pipe flooded the top floor of the building.

Torrents of water ran into apartments, down stairwells and into the elevator shaft.

Firefighters helped evacuate residents of the Faircrest apartment building on Riverside Drive, near Smyth Road, just before 6 p.m.

The burst pipe, which was connected to the sprinkler system on the top floor, sent water flooding into apartments on lower floors.

OC Transpo buses were brought in to help keep tenants warm until they were allowed to return to their homes a few hours later.

Most of the tenants have returned to their units. Despite the water damage, the building's water, heating and electrical systems were deemed safe. The building is managed by Minto.