Canada's department of Foreign Affairs is investigating after an eastern Ontario businessman disappeared while on a business trip to Mexico.

Daniel Dion, 51, of Carleton Place, was supposed to return home from a trip to Acapulco on Tuesday. However, he was not on the plane. His family last heard from him when he called his wife on Friday night.

The following day Dion didn't show up to a business meeting, which is highly unlike him. He also hasn't made any credit card transactions since last week.

"Since that, no news, no emails, nothing," said Dion's niece, Franceska. "We are concerned because Mexico is far. And right now, in Mexico, things aren't going well. There are many kidnappings."

Dion runs an eco-friendly purse business based in Mexico. His family told CTV Ottawa the fabric used to make the purses is bought in Mexico, and the purses are made by Mexican prisoners.

Dion travelled to Mexico three weeks ago to show off his work at an expo being held in the Acapulco-area.

Dion's daughter told CTV Ottawa he recently told her that Mexico was getting more dangerous and the country no longer felt safe.

"He was concerned about security there, feeling more stressed when going there, tension from the police," said Catherine Dion.

He had also said he knew several Mexican police officers who had been murdered over the last couple years.

Dion, who has a home in Carleton Place, also has an apartment in Mexico. He is originally from Sherbrooke, Que.

His family has since travelled to the popular vacation destination in hopes of finding any clues that Dion is still alive and safe. They filed a missing person's report with Mexico police upon their arrival.

The family has also set up a website,, in hopes of reaching out to anyone who may know his whereabouts.

Although Canada's Ministry of Foreign Affairs won't confirm Dion's name, the department says consular officials are working closely with authorities in Mexico to gather information about the case.

"We are well aware of the case and as is appropriate during this time we'll be providing consular assistance to the family and we'll continue monitoring the case," said Deepak Obhrai, the parliamentary secretary for Foreign Affairs.

Meantime, Foreign Affairs is warning Canadians travelling to Mexico to exercise a high-degree of caution in some areas, especially the north.

Still, travel agents who help Canadians plan tropical vacations say they believe resorts in Mexico remain safe for travel.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Joanne Schnurr