As the cleanup continues after a magnitude 5.0 earthquake hit the western Quebec town of Gracefield, Que. on Wednesday, an area farmer is wondering what to do after the quake caused a landslide and opened a chasm on his land.

Jeff Carriere said the land -- which was in his family for four generations -- was his pension. Now, the property, which is being flooded by water from a now backed-up creek, is ruined.

"I wept," Carriere said, gesturing at the 50-foot wide chasm of rubble that stretched 1,000 feet across his land. "It's all my life that I put into this place."

Looking at his now-crooked barn, Carriere joked weakly, "My level wasn't very good." He's now waiting for geologists to advise him on what to do next.

Nearly two dozen aftershocks

More than 20 aftershocks have hit in the past two days following the earthquake. In Gracefield, Que., the cleanup continues.

A state of emergency on the town was lifted, but some buildings remain off limits, as well as a bridge.

In Val-Des-Bois, boulders lay on the side of the road and a major area bridge crumbled under the quake's waves.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Kate Eggins