OTTAWA -- Drivers experienced some on Highway 417 near the Vanier Parkway in Ottawa after a dump truck collided with the overpass.

Witnesses said the crash happened around 8:30 a.m. heading westbound on the highway.

The bed of the truck came detached from the vehicle and could be seen leaning against the underside of the bridge.

Police say no one was injured and it's unknown whether there's structural damage to the overpass.

Brodie Hobson was driving 200 metres behind the dump truck when it struck the overpass.

"I was just looking at it thinking, 'Is that box going to get underneath the bridge?'" said Hobson in an interview with CTV News Ottawa.

"But then as soon as that thought when through my head, just boom you heard it hit the thing. It was a super loud bang that it made, and then the truck kept going and the bin just stopped diagonally up against the side of the bridge."

Hobson said the impact made everything "rumble." 

"I don't care about the truck, I don't care about the cost – I'm just happy no one was hurt," said Chris Griffith, owner of Griffith Cartage and the truck involved in the collision.

He tells CTV News Ottawa the incident involving an older truck could have been caused by a gearing system for the lift being accidentally engaged.

"Possibly driving down the road, hit the leaver or left it up," said Griffith. "I have two new trucks, they won't rev over 1000 RPM if the P.T.O. is engaged."

The highway was partly closed while the box of the dump truck was removed. Police said it completely reopened just after 2 p.m.