More than 50 charges have been laid against six people in connection with an organized drug trafficking ring that distributed cocaine and prescription drugs from two apartment buildings on Lees Avenue.

RCMP originally laid charges in connection with the case in November, netting seven people.

As police continued their investigation, officers uncovered evidence that required them to expand their probe.

Now, six others from Ottawa and Dunrobin, Ont. are facing various offences, including drug and weapons charges.

Police say search warrants led to the seizure of cocaine, hashish, marijuana, firearms, ammunition, Tasers and cash.

Those charged are Troy Saikaley, 42, of Dunrobin, Ont.; Andrew Wall, 27, of Ottawa; Heidi Dingwell, 22, of Ottawa; James Sarsfield, 26, of Ottawa; Maha Abi Farah, 39, of Dunrobin, Ont.; and Christopher Keiser, 37, of Ottawa.

Police say the drug trafficking ring was heavily involved in the distribution of cocaine and Oxycodone, a prescription painkiller that is growing in popularity on the streets.

"Oxycodone is the third most used and abused drug out there after alcohol and marijuana (among students)," said Sgt. Pat Poitevin.

He said prescription drugs are becoming a growing problem for the force because they are inexpensive and easy to find. He added there's also a misconception that prescription drugs are safer than others.

The investigation was completed in co-operation with Ottawa police and the Canada Border Services Agency.