The driver of the SUV involved in a head-on collision that killed a mother and daughter was sentenced to three years in prison today.

Margaret Mitchell and Holly Booth were driving on Dalmeny Rd. in September of 2017 when the crash occurred.

Court heard Sumit Darji, 35, was heading to work at a mushroom farm when he tried to make a pass while speeding and collided into the on-coming vehicle.

Darji pleaded guilty to two counts of dangerous driving causing death.

Loved ones of the victims described the situation as ‘torture’ and said the women had done nothing wrong that day.  

“We’re sad for the loss of our mom and sister and we know nothing is going to bring them back,” said Hazel Booth.

Margaret Mitchell had six children including Holly. Deidre Bekkers, Dodi Booth, Hazel Booth and Megan Booth all attended court on Friday. Mitchell’s son Grant Booth was out of the country.

Darji’s lawyer, Ash Duvadie, said his client was remorseful for taking two lives.

Duvadie said Darji was a refugee who moved to Canada to better his life.

“He had been in a refugee camp for 22 odd years, pretty much like a prison system, then comes to Canada with four kids trying to make a living and gets into this situation.”

Hazel booth said the family would take some time to grieve but had intentions to raise awareness for road safety in the future.

“I think there’s a lot that could have happened prior to getting this point in preventing this from happening in the first place and that’s the angle I think we need to focus on.”