OTTAWA -- If there are two things that are almost universally loved, they're coffee and dogs. Put the two together and you have yourself a golden idea.

Millions of people hit their local coffee shop's drive-thru for that morning java every day, but at one Ottawa Starbucks, it's all about caffeine and canines.

Its called Dogs of Hazeldean Starbucks and Keara McDonnell is the head "pup-arazzi" for the growing Instagram account.

“One day I found myself taking a picture of a dog that was just too cute not to share,” says McDonnell. “I post one dog everyday. These are dogs I’ve found in the drive-thru. They love their puppuccinos. Their owners love seeing them have their puppuccinos.”

What is a puppuccino? Basically, it’s just a little bit of whipped cream in a cup. The dogs can’t get enough of this sweet treat and everyone else can’t get enough of the Instagram photos.

“I love dogs,” says McDonnell. “I feel like most people like dogs. So I just think it's really nice. Once a day you get that dog on your feed. It makes you smile.”

Sam Yocum manages the Starbucks on Hazeldean Road and says she loves what McDonnell has created.

“I absolutely love it. It’s been something really positive to look forward to every single day,” says Yocum. “The customers have been super receptive to it and everything. So it’s definitely been a pick-me-up for us and our customers.”

And it's not only dogs that are making their drive-thru debut.

“I actually had a gentleman come through yesterday and he’s like, “I love following your page, I can’t wait to bring my cat through so that they can be on the page,” says Yocum.

McDonnell adds, “Any animal is good. I’d love to meet a bunny or anything.”

Word is spreading about this too. McDonnell says more and more people are stopping by with their furry friends and the co-pilot customers are all for it.

“The dogs obviously really love coming here and getting their puppuccinos,” says customer Abby Hennessey. “So I just think it’s great that you get to see other dogs that get to come through.”

Customer Jessica Vermette also loves the idea.

“I love seeing all the dogs in the drive-thru. Super sweet. Brings a little happiness to your day.”

McDonnell hopes to keep growing the Instagram account and wants anyone with a fluffy passenger to stop by 457 Hazeldean Rd. for a photo and a treat.

“Just being the light in somebody’s day, whether that's just a coffee or a smile about a dog, or anything. It’s really fun to make people smile,” says McDonnell.