It’s the “talk of the Seaway” and on Wednesday, a group of friends out for a ride on their motorcycles made a trip to see it.

“Something to see…don’t see this every day,” said Al Davidson.

Davidson and others took a detour to see the Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin, a 740 ft. ship that had run around in the St. Lawrence River near Cardinal days before.

“I think it’s going to be a big job to get it unstuck. They’re going to have to unload some of it and get some tug boats in,” said Irvin Dupuis.

Canada Steamship Lines (CSL) says the vessel was bound for Quebec City and was carrying iron ore.

“There is neither injury to personnel, discharge from the vessel, adverse effects to the environment, nor cargo damage. Relevant authorities have been notified and the situation remains stable,” said CSL in a statement.

“The ship did try to pull itself from the rocks under its own power and it was unsuccessful,” said Michael Folsom, an avid ship watcher based in Syracuse, NY. “It’s been reported there’s a hole in the hull…taking on some water.”

The ship is on the U.S. side and the U.S. Coast Guard says “installed pumps are keeping up with the water ingress.”

Vessels to support salvage operations are on the way to the area. Ship traffic is able to get by, though navigation at night has been halted.