Three people are facing charges after allegedly leaving their dogs inside hot cars in Ottawa.

The Ottawa Humane Society said Lisa Powell was charged after her five-year-old sheepdog was left in a car for almost two hours in 32 C heat on July 6.

Cameron Grant was charged June 19 when the Humane Society said his dog had to be revived from heat stress after being left in a parked car in full sunlight.

Jing Yuan’s Pomeranian-mix dog was left locked in a car on June 14 in 24 C heat, according to the Humane Society.

All three are facing charges of permitting distress and failing to provide adequate standards of care.

The Ottawa Humane Society said animals left in these conditions can suffer brain damage, organ failure and ultimately die.

They said pet owners should leave their animals at home in hot weather, with water in cool, shady places.