An eight-year-old beagle is in critical condition after she was found suffering from a gunshot wound to the head on Saturday evening.

A Good Samaritan found the beagle disoriented and wandering on a trail in Carp. Police rushed the dog to the Ottawa Veterinary Hospital.

She was then transferred to the Ottawa Humane Society, where she is now receiving round-the-clock care.

Staff there named the dog Sadie Mae.  X-rays showed she had six gunshot pellets embedded in her head, and extensive injuries to her skull, left eye, and left ear.

“We're not sure if we'll be able to save that eye for her,” said Dr. Shelley Hutchings, Chief Veterinarian with the Ottawa Humane Society. “We are hoping to be able to save her left ear, and she has extensive soft tissue damage on that side of her head as well.”

Sadie Mae needs to undergo extensive surgery to reconstruct her skull, which is scheduled to happen on Wednesday.  She is also being treated with pain medication to keep her comfortable, and antibiotics, IV fluids, and daily wound cleanings and bandage changes.

“She's a sweet and stoic dog who, with surgery and intensive treatment, has a good chance at recovery,” said Dr. Hutchings.

The Humane Society hopes she will be able to be adopted when she is well enough. She will also need to be spayed and have dental work done.

No one has come forward as Sadie Mae’s owner. The Humane Society also says it’s unclear if she was shot deliberately, or as a result of a hunting accident.

Sadie Mae will be carefully monitored by Humane Society staff for at least eight weeks.