Breezy, the dog who was beaten with a shovel and left for dead in a dumpster Oct. 16, is now able to stand on her own and is eating well, according to staff at the Ottawa Humane Society.

Breezy was strong enough today to go under anesthesia for X-Rays.

“We know there's some damage to her skull and wanted to see the extent,” said Bruce Roney, executive director of the Ottawa Humane Society.  “She’s very friendly…very affectionate when we do see her so she seems like a very nice dog.”

A new petition called “Justice for Breezy” is calling for harsher punishments for those convicted of animal cruelty. As of 10 p.m. on Oct. 24, more than 42,000 people had signed it.

News of the attack was shocking for many dog owners at a local dog park.

‘As a dog lover and owner myself I can't believe somebody would've done something like that and I personally feel we need harsher penalties about it,” said Bill Blakely.

24-year-old Steven Helfer of Ottawa has been charged with a number of serious offences including assault with a weapon and willfully causing unnecessary pain/suffering or injury to an animal.

The Ottawa Humane Society has created a special page for Breezy where the public can contribute to the cost of her care.

With a report from CTV’s Katie Griffin