Dr. Vincent Nadon will be back in an Ottawa courtroom Thursday for a bail hearing, in what’s believed to be a case involving one of the longest lists of charges against a doctor in Canadian history.

A court document called “Information to Obtain" (ITO), just released to CTV, contains disturbing details on what sparked the investigation into Nadon, 57, earlier this year.

According to the document, the investigation started with a female patient’s routine visit to the University of Ottawa Health Services Clinic at 316 Rideau Street on January 16, 2018.  She told police during a pap test Dr. Nadon stood at the side of the table at her midsection and did not, as normal practice, sit on a stool at the end of the bed.

It was during that exam, the female patient said she noticed a phone with a pink cover in the cabinet.  She initially thought nothing of it.  When the exam was finished, Dr. Nadon left the room; she took a closer look at the phone.  She said it was covered by papers, the camera clearly visible, pointing directly at the exam room bed.

In the documents to police the woman said she then picked up the phone, saw that it was recording.  She stopped the recording and watched it.  In it, she alleges to see Dr. Nadon enter the exam room and place the phone in the cabinet.  She then sees herself alone in the room, getting undressed, completely naked, preparing for the exam, getting on the exam table.  She said the video is at an angle where, during the exam a person could only observe Dr. Nadon’s back.

She went to the clinic’s receptionist in tears to report the video.  That’s when she says Dr. Nadon approached her, she confronted him. She told police Nadon then unlocked the phone, played a few seconds of the video and immediately stated that sometimes he records exams for training.  When she asked ‘why wasn’t I asked for consent?’ she said Dr. Nadon apologized and deleted the video.

Later in the documents police say Nadon called a colleague and said, “I made a mistake. I'm at the end of my career. I'm thinking of teaching. I am starting do some recordings. I didn't ask for permission. What do you think I should do?"

The next day Nadon was under police surveillance.  His Chelsea Quebec home and the buildings on the property including a trailer, police call in the ITO "a perfect spot for Dr. Nadon to store and view his videos in private".

It was two days after the woman reported the incident, police spotted Nadon outside a Chelsea IGA grocery store, putting garbage into the store’s dumpster at 11:00pm.  Police arrested him on the spot.

Police say one of the garbage bags contained a severely damaged hard drive as well as receipts, papers with dates and other miscellaneous items.

Nadon now faces a total of 94 sex assault and voyeurism charges, involving 50 alleged victims, all of them female patients, with some of the incidents dating back as far as 1990.  None of the allegations have been proven in court.  Nadon will be back in court for a bail hearing Thursday May 17, 2018.