Police are raising the red flag about a central Ottawa property that's had four fires over the last six years, with the latest coming Thursday.

Crews were called to a 6,000 square foot home at 1881 Fairbanks Avenue around 1:20 a.m., where a fire had started in the basement and quickly spread to the roof.

"The fire in the house behind me was raging," said Dave Smithers. "Tons of smoke . . . I could hardly see the house across the street for smoke."

Nobody was inside and victim’s assistance wasn’t needed because nobody was living there, according to fire officials.

Damage is estimated at $750,000 to the home.

Arson and fire marshall investigations are underway, and this is not the first time emergency crews have been called to this property.

First fire at 1881 Fairbanks Avenue was in 2006

The original home at 1881 Fairbanks Avenue was destroyed in an electrical fire in 2006, with the lot then sold.

The remnants of the original home were destroyed by fire at the same address in January 2010, with the cause still undetermined.

Construction of the latest home was marred by disputes over money, with the architect and contractors putting liens on the property.

The home which burned Thursday was eventually taken over by the bank and put up for sale for close to $2 million.

Marc Messier of the Ottawa Fire Services said they were also called to the home in August.

"We were back here in August of this year for a police matter, where we were asked to check on a possible fire," he said. "The fire was out . . . completely handled by police."

In total there have been four fires on the property in the last six years, with police called there twice in the last three months.

"There's certain information I can't disclose at this point, but what I can say is it is a police matter," said Stephane Dubuc of the Ontario Fire Marshall's Office.

Smithers said he just wants peace in his neighbourhood.

"We were hoping this new home, with a new builder . . . everything would quiet down," he said. "But the saga continues."

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Catherine Lathem