OTTAWA -- As residents try to protect themselves from the spread of COVID-19, many are turning to disposable gloves.

But a problem is emerging on the ground in Ottawa, as some shoppers are dropping their used gloves after they're done and leaving them on the ground.

It’s leaving some shoppers “frustrated.”

“It’s just really disgusting that it’s all over the ground and everywhere” says Liam Kozzatz. “The Walmart is covered in it, just a sea of gloves.”

Fellow shopper Rick Madore agrees.

“Anyone could come a long, a child could come along and pick it up. So I think it’s pretty irresponsible.”

“People who work here have to come clean this up,” says Evan Curbane outside the Walmart at Trainyards in Ottawa’s east-end. “They’re making it so someone else has to deal with it.”

Ottawa Bylaw Services says it’s aware of the issue.

“It’s a person’s responsibility if they’re depositing any kind of debris on any property they can be charged with littering,” says Roger Chapman, Director of Ottawa Bylaw and Regulatory Services.

When contacted by CTV News Ottawa, stores said they’re aware of the issue.

“We all have a part to play in keeping each other safe,” says a spokesperson for Loblaw Inc. “The littering in our parking lots is of great concern to us and our colleagues and we kindly ask our customers to dispose of all garbage, including gloves, in the provided receptacles in our stores and in cart corrals.”

Walmart has placed signs around stores asking their shoppers to do the same.

“We kindly ask (shoppers) to discard (the gloves) in a safe and respectful manner in the garbage bins provided at the store or when they get home,” says Felicia Fefer, Manager of Corporate Affairs with Walmart.

If you take them home, the Ontario Government’s website says to throw them away in a garbage bin lined with a plastic bag, and be sure to wash your hands after.