Displaced residents of an east Ottawa apartment building who were left temporarily homeless by an electrical fire returned home Wednesday afternoon, with complaints about how they were treated.

The City of Ottawa says residents of the first six floors at 1244 Donald Street will be able to move in starting at 1 p.m., with all residents able to return to the 16-floor building by Wednesday evening,

Over 700 people had been displaced by an electrical fire which injured one person Monday around 1:45 p.m.

"They were supposed to give us some vouchers to buy some food and everything, and nothing," said Marcel Barrette, whose wife's epileptic seizures increased from all the stress and lack of food for her medication.

"For the thousand or 500 milligrams a day that I take, I need to take with food," she said.

The City of Ottawa said their emergency team housed 280 residents of the apartment building in hotels around the city on Tuesday night.

Management will have to give out new keys to some residents, as doors had to be broken into during the response to the fire.

All the commotion during Monday's evacuation was hard on one family with an autistic son.

"My son is autistic, so any break in routine or schedule is 100 times worse for any neuro-typical child," said Jennifer Shabaga, who is also the president of the tenant's association.

Despite complaints of cockroaches, poor maintenance and false fire alarms, the company said the building is safe.

"From a safety perspective the building is safe," said Danny Roth from Greenwin Property Management. "People should come back happy and pleased to be home."

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Stefan Keyes