Raymond Lahey, a former Catholic bishop who pleaded guilty to charges of importing child pornography, appeared in court for sentencing Monday.

The hearing resumes seven months after the guilty plea. It could be Tuesday before the sentence is handed down. 

Dr. John Bradford took to the stand Monday and told the courtroom the former bishop's interest is in homosexuality, adolescent males and sadomasochism. The court also heard the majority of Lahey's interest is in boys between the ages of 14 and 17.

Bradford says Lahey is not a pedophile and doesn't believe he ever had a "hands on" sexual offence.

Lahey, 71, was stopped at the Ottawa International Airport in September 2009. Police say they found hundreds of files containing child pornography on his personal computer.

Lahey's lawyer, Michael Edelson, calls the media attention surrounding this case extraordinary and referred to several good deeds by his client over the years.

Edelson told the court "this has been an enormous fall from grace...a dramatic loss of reputation.

Lahey oversaw two dioceses in Atlantic Canada for more than 20 years, but resigned the day after he was charged.

He has already served seven months in jail. The minimum sentence for this charge is one year.

The Crown will address the court Tuesday.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Catherine Lathem