The trial of an Ottawa police sergeant accused of sexually assaulting a female prisoner is expected to resume Wednesday.

Steven Desjourdy has pleaded not guilty to assaulting the woman in the Elgin Street cellblock back in September 2008. The woman was brought in for public intoxication and her name is protected under a publication ban.

The court heard that Desjourdy cut off the woman's shirt and bra with a pair of scissors after she kicked a special constable while being searched. The woman was then placed topless with soiled pants in a holding cell. Prosecutors allege Desjourdy was trying to humiliate the woman, while Desjourdy says he was trying to protect her from hurting herself.

The trial resumes after a three-month hiatus. It was adjourned back in October after being bogged down in legal arguments.

The court has yet to hear from Desjourdy himself.