OTTAWA -- The LRT car that derailed near Riverside Drive last weekend is now back at the rail yard for further inspection, as the investigation continues into the incident that has shut down Ottawa's Confederation Line.

Transportation Services General Manager John Manconi said Wednesday afternoon that the train had been re-railed by Alstom officials, and moved back to the Belfast maintenance and storage facility at a slow speed under its own power.  Staff walked beside the train to ensure that the move was done safely and without any additional damage to the train and tracks.

The damaged train will undergo further analysis and investigation.

An LRT train travelling westbound on Sunday afternoon came to a stop west of Tremblay Station after a set of wheels left the track.  The derailment caused "significant damage" to the LRT car, the track and infrastructure.

On Tuesday, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada said the LRT train actually derailed before entering Tremblay Station at approximately 12:15 p.m. on Sept. 19, approximately 500 metres from the station.

"The train then departed the station in the derailed condition and continued over the rail bridge that traversed Riverside Drive before striking a signal mast and switch heater that were adjacent to and north of track 1," said the TSB.

However, Manconi told reporters OC Transpo and Rideau Transit Maintenance are trying to determine where the train derailed.

"We don't know exactly where this occurred," said Manconi, adding he had a "lengthy discussion" with the lead investigator from the TSB.

"As TSB told me last night, there's a lot of work that needs to be done to determine exactly what occurred, where it occurred. I can tell you there are discussions that are ongoing as to where the derailment occurred."

Manconi says OC Transpo and Rideau Transit Group will provide all information to the TSB.

"I saw some of the video footage, I can't tell you where it derailed, nor can my rail experts that have been operating trains for a very long time," said Manconi.

"What we have is what TSB has put is their initial observations."

Manconi says the city of Ottawa's legal team is speaking with the TSB to see what information the city can release to councillors on the incident and the investigation.