The impaired driving trial of a well-known Pembroke dentist centred around a pack of gum and rookie officer’s notes on Tuesday.

Christy Natsis is charged with impaired driving causing death and criminal negligence causing death in connection with a March 2011 crash that killed Bryan Casey.

Tuesday, the court heard the testimony of Dan Quinn and Barry Young, witnesses to the crash with their friend Drew Scott.

Quinn testified Scott, a Pembroke real estate agent, recognized the driver of the black Ford Expedition as Natsis.

“Christy said ‘Help me Drew’ and he said ‘I can’t,’” Quinn said. “She then asked Drew for gum . . . Christy was quite unsteady and I could smell alcohol.”

Quinn then said under cross-examination from Natsis’ lawyer Michael Edelson that people could be shaky after a crash of that size and he didn’t smell alcohol coming from the driver of the other vehicle.

Edelson then went after the quality of the police investigation, as then-rookie OPP Const. Raul Pasta said he failed to make accurate notes after returning from the crash scene.

Pasta testified he made no references in his notes about telling an officer that Natsis was impaired.

“The most important part of the investigation, but you didn’t put it in your notes,” Edelson said.

“And that’s a mistake that I made,” Pasta said. “The lack of my notes is the problem right now, because I don’t remember the details.”

Monday, the court saw video of a black Ford Expedition backing into a car in the parking lot of Kanata’s Crazy Horse Bar and Grill before driving away.

They also saw pictures of a crash on Highway 417 near Arnprior between a black Ford Expedition and a white pick-up truck – the crash that killed Casey.

The court is expected to hear from a paramedic and investigating officer on Wednesday.

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s Catherine Lathem