The defence of Kevin Gregson closed its case Friday, calling the man accused of murdering Const. Eric Czapnik as their only witness.

The former Saskatchewan Mountie agreed under cross-examination he came up with a plan to attack a police officer the night Czapnik was stabbed.

He also agreed he rushed Czapnik with his knife and stabbed him multiple times in the face, neck and chest while the officer did nothing to him.

Gregson is charged with first-degree murder in the Dec. 29, 2009 stabbing of Czapnik in front of the Ottawa Hospital's Civic campus.

He said Thursday he killed the Ottawa police officer, but didn't murder him because it was instinct.

He has said multiple times, including his own testimony, that he only wanted a gun to commit suicide.

Multiple times on Friday Gregson said he didn't remember parts of evidence, including his interrogation video played in court which he said he "slept through."

He denied having an argument with his ex-wife despite the Crown showing him a transcript of the interrogation, saying he has "a memory deficit."

Gregson said he holds resentment against the RCMP, but would rejoin a police force as a civilian if found not guilty.

He denied wanting to cause a scandal for the RCMP while saying he wanted to "embarrass" them by committing suicide in a police uniform in front of the Saskatchewan legislature or the Centennial Flame.

Justice Douglas Rutherford said after the defence rested there was some uncertainty about some legal issues and there could be more witnesses on Monday.

The case has been recessed until then.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Catherine Lathem