The lawyers defending the two lovers accused in the Jagtar Gill murder trial are trying to cast a shadow of doubt in the minds of the jury.

The focus today was on police wiretaps, investigative prompts and a potential second lover.

With DNA evidence, surveillance video and wiretaps, the crowns case against gill and Ronald appears strong. But all it takes is one sliver of doubt to set either one of them free. It is four hours of compelling video in which Detective Chris Benson slowly massages the truth from Bhupinderpal Gill, about that bloodied bar that he first denied putting in a box in the basement, then admitting to hiding it and throwing it away in the woods.

"I try to remember myself what did I do with that," he tells Detective Benson, “to be honest sir I put the bar in the box because I was scared.”

Benson grills him about his relationship with his co-accused Gurpreet Ronald, "I'm having a hard time believing you were just friends,” Benson says.  Finally Ronald admits the two were lovers, had been for 3 or 4 years. 

And the seed is planted that both Ronald and Gill were complicit in murdering Jagtar Gill despite Bhupinderpal Gill's contention to the contrary. 

"It makes more sense this was a planned thing,” says Benson. 

“If you think I’m involved in this,” maintains Gill, “I’m not.”

Today it was up to each of the defence lawyers to try to prove their clients are innocent. 

Gill's lawyer James Harbic focused on intercepted cell and text messages between Gurpreet Ronald and another man, suggesting Gill hadn't been seeing Ronald for months; that she was romantically involved with someone else. 

“You make my heart happy,” one text said from this other man. 

“My happiness is your happiness,”replied Gurpreet Ronald. 

Ronald's lawyer Michael Smith zeroed in on those investigative prompts police used in the dayas and weeks following the murder, to try to elicit a response from either Ronald or Gill.  Like the note with the word “killer” on it, placed on Ronald's windshield at her workplace at OC Transpo. Smith confirmed from Benson that Ronald's reaction was actually to get authorities involved. 

With respect to the hours of wiretaps, Smith says to Benson "there isn't much chatter between the two of the homicide right? 

Benson responds, “Was there talk of individual involvement? No they never said "I did this.”