A farm owner in a small community just southwest of Ottawa is providing tender loving care to dozens of abused and neglected dogs.


Debbie Moffatt lives on a rural farm in Carlsbad Springs. She is the owner of Keshet Kennels.


Moffatt started her kennel by taking in abused rottweilers. Now her farm is home to 39 dogs.


"I grew up where we are used to coming across cartons of abandoned puppies and I used to bring them home," said Moffatt. "My mom used to say when I grow up I can have as many dogs as I want."


Most of her dogs have been previously abused or suffer from health ailments. Many can't be put up for adoption.


Among her lot, include three sled dogs that were going to be killed by their owner.


"Dogs shouldn't have to pay for people's mistakes," said Moffatt. "I just want to give them every opportunity for a good life."


It's difficult to take care of so many dogs, though. Moffatt has to rent out her barn, her property, and training ring to make ends meet.