While some Gatineau daycares were empty, play areas were busier than normal as Quebec dealt with a one-day strike by subsidized daycare workers.

Two hundred workers from nineteen subsidized daycares headed to Montreal to join thousands of others in protest.

"We are going there to tell the government that it's enough, we've been waiting for two years now (for a new contract)," said worker Najoua Zetoune. "We want our holidays, sick leave and the salary."

"We work hard and we want what we're supposed to have," said Monique Duval.

At Promenade L'Outaouais the mall playpen was filled with children whose parents were without their usual daycare.

"We have nobody to help us, so I have to take a day off," said Chrystel Lasson. "Certainly my job is impacted because today I have some work, a lot of work."

Others said they hope a longer strike doesn't happen.

"If it gets to the point where they completely strike then yeah, it will be a scramble," said Benoit Gratton.

The strike is the second one-day work stoppage this month, with another possibly coming Monday.

Contract talks are ongoing between the province and its 8,500 subsidized childcare workers.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's John Hua