Three young sisters bid farewell to their parents at an emotional double funeral in Cornwall Monday.

About 150 people attended an intimate service for Leo Paul Regnier and his wife, Sherrie, who were tragically killed when they were run down at a downtown Ottawa bus stop on Sept. 16.

The couple leaves behind three daughters, aged nine, 13 and 15.

A slideshow of photos played as their oldest daughter, Serah, pulled out her guitar and paid tribute to her parents with several songs she wrote following their tragic deaths -- the most recent written only yesterday.

"When she started playing, the room got quiet. Everybody just stood around her and listened to her," said Ron Lacelle, Paul's brother.

"I know what it's like to lose a mom and dad, but not at the same time. I can't even imagine what these girls are going through."

In eulogies, the couple was remembered as being full of life. They were parents who cherished their three daughters more than anything else.

Mourners were told Paul and Sherrie wouldn't want those who knew them to be consumed by grief. Rather, the couple would want family and friends to celebrate the lives they lived.

Paul was remembered as a dedicated family man, who shared his love of music with his daughters. Meanwhile, Sherrie was remembered as an avid reader, who always had her nose in a good book.

The couple's relationship has been described as a true love story. The Regniers met when they were kids in Cornwall. They later fell in love and got married.

The couple, who moved to Ottawa a decade ago, was out on a date when they were fatally struck by a sports car earlier this month. Paul died instantly. Sherrie died of critical injuries in hospital.

The Regnier girls are currently staying with family, but it's just the beginning of a long road ahead. Their parents didn't have a will, and nobody was ever selected to be their legal guardian if tragedy hit.

"There's nothing on paper, that's why we have to get lawyers. Nobody can adopt anybody until applications are put in. Like, we're not even at the first step of that, we're just trying to take care of this," Lacelle told CTV Ottawa on Monday.

Although the legal process could be lengthy, Lacelle insists the girls won't be separated.

A 20-year-old Ottawa man is charged in connection with the deadly collision. Simon Banke is facing various offences, including criminal negligence causing death and stunt driving.

A trust fund has been set up for the couple's children. Donations can be made to the Regnier Girls Trust Fund, account number 24448095809, at any Bank of Montreal location.

A memorial will also be held in Ottawa on Thursday at Tudor Hall on North Bowesville Road at 6:30 p.m.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Catherine Lathem