Heavy rain that washed out and damaged train tracks in west Quebec could prevent the Wakefield Steam Train from resuming operations.

The train has been halted since a severe storm washed away the ground in some places about two weeks ago.

"There could be spots where it looks fine, but the foundation could be nothing," said Trevor Greenway, a journalist who covers local news for the area's newspaper, The Low Down.

The steam train generates about $10 million in revenue for the area. Greenway says if the train shuts down, it could have a devastating affect on communities such as Wakefield.

"I think it's huge. I think just the tourist industry; it brings tons of people in here. When you come in here on a Saturday this place is just buzzing," Greenway said.

However, this isn't the first time the train has been halted because of problems with the ground. In 2008, erosion near the tracks forced the train to stop running for the season.

The steam train only resumed operations after all levels of government pitched in money to help fix the problem.

The owner of the steam train, Andre Groulx, was in meetings all day Wednesday to discuss the situation with the owners of the track.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Stefan Keyes