Three of CTV Ottawa’s own joined thousands across the country who have been awarded a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal on Thursday.

JJ Clark, Carol Anne Meehan and Graham Richardson were among the 18 recipients of the medal on Parliament Hill on Thursday.

"It was an honour actually,” said Meehan. “I just love what I do and to be recognized, it's kind of cool.”

"The Queen's Diamond Jubilee is a huge important celebration,” said Richardson. “It's an honour to be here."

The award recognizes the significant contributions of Canadians who have devoted themselves to their community, their family and their country.

“We have business people, we have medical people, we have people who volunteer to help youth,” said Gordon O’Connor, one of the men presenting the medals.

The other presenter said the trio deserves credit for more than just their on-air work.

“When the public watches CTV Ottawa, they see a very competent and journalistic news team,” said Sen. Mike Duffy. “But what is less obvious is all of the extra, after hours, unpaid work, the commitment to the community."

Wednesday’s recipients join CTV Ottawa’s Kimothy Walker as medal honourees, as was awarded earlier this year for her work as a defender of child abuse victims.

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s Stefanie Masotti