Double Trouble Brewing Chef Patrick Tremblay - Rye Braised Beer Short Ribs


1.5 cans of Fire in the Rye Beer from Double Trouble Brewing.
3 onions
2 cloves of garlic minced
3 TBS salt
2 TBS olive oil
6 -8 pieces of beef short ribs weighing aprox 6-8oz
2 TBS sanbelle chili's
Pinch club house mtl steak spice
Pinch club house ilaliano spice.

Sprinkle mtl spice and italiano over bottom of pan. Drizzle olive oil across the pan.
Split 3 onions in half then cut corner to corner like a X.
Add short ribs 3x3" squares aprox 6-8 oz each. Rub sanbell across the top of each, Pour 1 can of beer around beef not over it .
Add salt and fresh thyme.
Braise at 450 for 30 min then 325 for 3-4 hours.
Once beer has reduced and absorbed add the rest of the beer and continue,  (if the beer reduces too fast add more)
Note: Each oven is different.

Sauce:  Strain braising liquid into a pot.

Add 1/TSP tomatoe paste, 2 TSP salt, TSP sugar, 1 oz olive oil and all the onions from the pan. Reboil adding fresh thyme "liquid lust' or a drop of tobasco for similar effect, Make a simple rhue oil and flour once thickened pour over beef