Jeju Island: Slice of paradise

Jeju Island 1

As soon as I stepped off the plane in Jeju Island (Jejudo in Korea), I felt like I was in the Caribbean. Warm air, sunshine, palm trees - it's an amazing feeling. Especially when you know you would be donning a sweater back home (and in the rest of South Korea)!

"Korea's Hawaii" is about half the size of Rhode Island but is packed with tourists all year round, mostly from China. Flights from Seoul to Jeju are relatively affordable (roughly $100 roundtrip) so it's a popular travel destination for Koreans as well.

Jeju Island

The island was created by a volcanic eruption, so there are tons of cool natural landmarks and attractions to check out, like caves, lava tubes, stunning beaches and the island's three major waterfalls.

Jeju Island 2

(inside the Manjanggul Cave)


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Jeju Island 3

(Jeongbang waterfall)

Check back for a full story about my adventures in Jeju Island on CTV Morning Live in November. For now, here's a sneak peek!

Jeju Island 4

(A beautiful contrast of Aqua blue water, white sand and black lava stone. )


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Jeju was formed by a volcanic eruption, so there are tons of lava rocks everywhere, even on the white sandy beaches.

Jeju Island 5

(The view from 182m up in the air at Seongsanilchulbong or "Sunrise Peak")


(Abalone. A delicacy and prized shellfish in Jeju.)

Jeju is known for its abalone porridge: savoury, mild and satisfying.

The two biggest industries in Jeju are tourism and agriculture. We arrived just as tangerine harvest season (September - October) was getting underway.

Jeju Island 6


Jeju Island 8

(Jusangjeolli: roughly translates to "coastline of hexagonal pillars")

Jeju Island 9

(Da Hee Yeon tea field)

Jeju Island 10

(A Steve Jobs teddy bear at the Teddy Bear Museum)