It was a picture that helped Justin Greer make his hospital rooms feel more like home.

That is, until the signed picture by Ottawa Senators stars Jason Spezza and Erik Karlsson was stolen from his mother’s car.

“I love that picture and I just can’t believe someone stole it from me,” says Greer in an exclusive interview with CTV Ottawa.

The 21-year-old lives with autism and spina bifida and has undergone seven surgeries in the last six months.

“We actually didn’t want to tell Justin because we didn’t want to hinder his recovery here at the hospital because he hasn’t been feeling the greatest emotionally,” says Julie Papponetti-Greer, Justin’s mother.

Her car window was smashed in broad daylight just across the street from Saint-Vincent Hospital where Justin is currently recovering. She was in the process of moving his belongings from the Ottawa Hospital Civic campus.

“I think they’re irresponsible. They don’t know who it belongs to or anything,”
 says Justin.

Luckily, the Ottawa Senators do.

Team captain Jason Spezza heard the story this morning and says he knew something had to be done.

“When I got to the rink we… made sure we got something to him right away because it’s kind of unthinkable especially at a hospital,” says Spezza.

After recording a personal video message to Greer, Spezza also sent him a special package which includes a team-signed jersey and new pictures autographed by the captain and Erik Karlsson.

Greer’s face lit up when he received the gift. In response, a message to his hockey heroes:

“I would say thanks for all your support. Thanks for everything you could.”

With a report from CTV’s John Hua