CTV News anchors from across the country gathered in Ottawa Tuesday to celebrate five decades of bringing stories into your homes.

Although the network has expanded over the past 50 years, its commitment to serving local audiences continues to be a top priority.

"The local stations have done so well in establishing really strong news departments that have cut deep roots into their individual communities and that I think is a big, big reason - if not the main reason - for the success of the CTV News system," said CTV National News anchor Lloyd Robertson.

While technology in CTV's newsrooms has changed greatly over the years, the network's deep commitment to what happens in our communities remains constant.

"Building and expanding local news and our connection to our audience, I think that's what makes CTV News such an important institution in Canada for local news," said CTV News President Robert Hurst.

Nearly 4.6 million Canadians watch at least part of a CTV newscast every night.

"It's an astonishing reach and you know, I think politics and news are ultimately local. They're always local. What does it mean to my street? What does it mean to my family?" said Ivan Fecan, President and Chief Executive Officer of CTVglobemedia. "That's the strength of CTV."

With a report from CTV's Norman Fetterley