Anyone passing by the Boko Bakery on Elgin Street got a free taste today of one of  the most popular pastries in the world.

Boko was handing out free samples of the Cronut.

Boko used the Canadian spelling in the sale of the Croughnut.

The cronut is the hybrid pastry, half doughnut and half croissant.

The pastry is all the rage since the SoHo bakery in New York City began selling 300 Cronuts per day in June.

Hundreds line up at the New York bakery starting at 6am.

In the capital, the Boko Bakery makes up to 30-50 Cronuts each day.

The bakers are still perfecting the recipe and were handing out free samples today over the lunch hour.

Those lucky enough to taste the Ottawa verison of the Cronut gave the pastry the all thumbs up.

Across town at the popular Atelier Restaurant on Rochester Street,  pastry chef Michael Holland has been working up the dough to bake his own version of the Cronut.

Holland's version is also topped up with Fruit Loops.

Graham and Carol Anne will have a taste of both Ottawa style cronuts tonight on CTV Ottawa news at 6,