The search continues for two men who haven’t been seen since wading into the Ottawa River late Saturday.

Ottawa police and Ottawa fire crews said they’re looking for the bodies of two men that walked too far into the Deschenes Rapids in west Ottawa around 11:30 p.m. and are presumed drowned.

"They went into the water to swim, they're non-swimmers and started to struggle," said Insp. Joan McKenna of the Ottawa police. "A passerby came by in an attempt to help one of them."

"There is an undercurrent and what people generally don't realize is even just standing in the water . . . you can be pulled under," said nearby resident Sandra Zagon.

The pair, aged 21 and 26, were part of a group of five ranging in age from 13 to 26 that police said were all non-swimmers.

Police said alcohol was involved.

Three of the Ottawa Fire Services’ water rescue units were on the scene early Sunday morning, with help from Gatineau crews.

Ottawa police said they've searched seven kilometres of shoreline in case the bodies washed up on shore, as well as dispatching a dive team with sonar equipment.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Natalie Duddridge