EAR FALLS, Ont. - Emergency teams have found the last of three American men who vanished after a tornado whipped through a fishing village in northwestern Ontario.

Sixty-six-year-old Dennis Kinkaid of Ponca City, Oklahoma was the last of the missing. His body was found Sunday evening.

Two of his fishing mates, 65-year-old Bernie Jackson and 78-year-old Stan Hollis, were found dead in water on Friday after their cabin was ripped from its foundation by the twister and tossed into Lac Seul a kilometre away.

Kinkaid's body was found several metres off shore, among heavy debris.

The tornado hit the Fisherman's Cove Resort in Ear Falls, Ont. Thursday night.

Kinkaid's wife said the three men were on an annual fishing trip and due to return home on Saturday.

Five other people were injured.

Environment Canada says the tornado ranked as an F-2 with wind speeds between 180- and 240-kilometres per hour.

All three victims were from Ponca City and were U.S. military veterans.